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April Marie was raised on a small farm in Kansas for most of her childhood, where she learned to appreciate nature and expand her imagination. She has always enjoyed reading, journalistic writing, arts/crafts, and bringing humor to any situation. She has one younger sister, who was her dearest friend throughout her childhood. April attended Pratt Community College upon high school graduation and studied studio art and graphic design. She felt the urge to explore different territory, so she moved to the Chicago area in 2008. She has also lived in Colorado Springs and various locations around Phoenix including Mesa and Scottsdale. After years of painstakingly searching for ways to earn a living online, she was accepted as a contributing author for Demand Studio's home & garden section in early 2010. She wrote over 1,800 how-to article for Demand Studios as well as various articles for other media companies from 2010 to 2012. Unfortunately, changes to search engine algorithms nearly lead to the end of April's writing career in early 2012, so she studied Internet marketing, blogging, and search engine optimization to diversify her knowledge and online income streams. April currently lives in Chicago and is studying to become a freelance copywriter and holistic stress management coach.

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