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Monday, March 18, 2013 - Review

Keeping healthy and in shape is extremely important to me, so the other day I decided to look for a free app or website that would essentially allow me to track everything I eat in a journal. Well, I found that and more at I actually downloaded the app to my smartphone so that I can record my exercise and diet everywhere I go for convenience. Rarely do I actually log on to the actual website, mainly because I'm more used to the app. However, I tried out the website version today so I could write a complete review. may be the best fitness website/app ever created. It's basically the free version to and all those paid dieting programs. has so many useful, convenient features that are so easy to use. Upon joining, you are required to record your initial weight, height, gender, and then goal weight. The system then calculates how many calories you must consume each day to reach your goal.

Here's how it works:

You simply search for whatever food you ate and find it in the website's database, which includes practically every brand of food at the grocery store and major restaurant chain foods. If the database doesn't include the food item, you can manually add it. Once you find the particular food, you simply add it to one of the following categories: breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack. The system adds the food from the database into your journal, and automatically records the calories and nutritional value include fats, sugar, protein, carbs, etc. down the exact gram. I love this part because the system automatically charts everything for you, so at the end of the day, you can view your reports and know how to adjust your diet the next day. The charts imply how many grams of fats, sugar, protein, and carbs you should be consuming, and then compares that number with how many you actually consumed. You can view charts from that week, month, year, etc. and view your weight progress.

Exercise works the same way: you simply find whatever exercise you completed in the database. You specify how many minutes you engaged in the exercise, and then the system automatically calculates how many calories your burned. This amount is subtracted from your daily calorie recommendation total, so you can see how exercising effects how quickly or slowly you take to reach your personal caloric goals. Reporting charts are provided for exercise, as well.

Other features include a personal meal section where you can obviously choose from a customized meal you previously added. They system saves these meals so you can reference them at any time. Another feature is the recipe section, where you can add recipes to the system. You can also connect with other members can team up with your weight-loss or fitness goals. This really isn't my thing, so I never use it. I think MyFitnessPal includes some other features, too, that I am not aware of because I do not use them. Altogether, MyFitnessPal is exactly what it says: a true fitness pal, so I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a fun, personal, easy way to lose weight, keep in shape, or gain muscle. Having this app on my phone forces me to become more conscious of the kinds of foods I eat, which subsequently has improved my overall health. I will definitely keep using

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