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Saturday, March 30, 2013

'Juice Organics' Pomwash Exfoliating Facial Foamer - Review

It is really difficult to find a great facial cleanser that doesn't contain harsh ingredients. I have tried many different facial cleansers, most of which were unsatisfactory. The main problem I had is many cleansers are difficult to fully wash off skin, so they leave behind soapy residue that clogs the pores and causes breakouts. I wanted a foam facial cleanser that would be light on the skin and easily wash off my face. Of course it had to be organic, as well. I think I may have found my new favorite organic face cleanser: 'Juice Organics' Pomwash Exfoliating Facial Foamer.

Product Details

'Juice Organics' Pomwash Exfoliating Facial Foamer is an organic, antioxidant-rich face cleanser that contains a blend of organic pomegranate and grape juices mixed with papaya and pineapple enzymes for exfoliation. Pure essential oils and other natural ingredients including Aloe Vera leaf juice, pumpkin seed extract, and others, are also added to this product. 'Juice Organics' Pomwash Exfoliating Facial Foamer can be found on Amazon for about $15 for 5 fl. oz. View the product below:

My Personal Results

I love the foaming consistency of this product against my face. You just need to pump out a small amount of the foam as a little bit goes a long way. The foam spreads nicely across my skin, so even application is inevitable. Plus, I am very impressed with how easily the foam rinses off my face. No more repeat rinsing for five minutes just to remove remaining residue. The scent of this product is very pleasant, it definitely smells of pomegranate. I have also experienced phenomenal results from this facial cleanser; my skin looks brighter and feels softer. Furthermore, the acne on my chin is disappearing, which I'm assuming this is due to the fruit enzymes. I am very happy with 'Juice Organics' Pomwash Exfoliating Facial Foamer, and will definitely continue using it.

The Bottom Line

If you're looking for a gentle, lightweight facial cleanser with that amazing foaming action, you will love 'Juice Organics' Pomwash Exfoliating Facial Foamer. The price is a little higher than drugstore products, but this product lasts about a month with daily use. Since this is the second product I've tried from 'Juice Organics', I can safely say I am impressed with the quality and results of their organic facial line. Of course, you may experience different results because everybody has different skin chemistry.

All the Best,

Disclaimer: I receive a small commission when you purchase this product from the Amazon affiliate links within this post. However, I test all the products in my posts to ensure honest reviews.

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