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Monday, February 25, 2013

Naturally Clear Skin

As the most prevalent skin disorder in the US, acne affects about 50 million Americans. Many of these people purchase acne products, which typically contain chemicals like parabens and other synthetic ingredients, thinking these creams, serums, and cleansers will actually clear up blemishes. While a few of these unnatural products may temporarily alleviate breakouts, they are not actually solving the problem. What these skin care companies do not want you to know is that not only are their chemical-laden products worsening your breakouts, they are doing absolutely nothing to cure acne because...

...the foods you are eating are the reason you have acne!

Very few people want to acknowledge this fact because they love eating their greasy, cheesy, meaty, super-sized sugary junk. And most of them refuse to change their diet because they simply don't want to. They would rather slather some chemical crap over their skin for a "quick fix" and expect their skin to look like their favorite celeb idols from People magazine.

Acidic foods (the typical American diet) are actually the main cause of breakouts because these foods cause a spike in blood sugar levels and therefore promote inflammation, which causes skin pores to become blocked. Here's a list below of foods to avoid if you desire clear, radiant skin:

Acidic Foods/Drinks
-refined grains (bleached flour - i.e. pizza dough, white breads, pastas, and rice)
-refined sugar (soda, candy, pastries, kid cereals - i.e. Lucky Charms, Fruit Loops)
-fatty meats (beef, fried chicken)
-vegetable oils
-milk (due to hormones)

On the other hand, alkaline foods promote clear, blemish-free skin. Our bodies are actually designed for alkaline foods because they're high in antioxidants and easier to digest. Not only do alkaline foods prevent common diseases and cancers, these foods fight acne and signs of aging. Unfortunately, the media does not promote alkaline foods, but rather the unhealthy acidic foods listed above, so most people have no clue about the real benefits of incorporating alkaline foods into their diets. Below is a list of foods you should eat if you desire to alleviate your current skin blemishes and/or maintain clear, radiant skin:

Alkaline Foods/Drinks
-whole grains (whole wheat flour - i.e. whole grain breads, pastas, and rice)
-cold-water fish* (salmon, anchovies, mackerel, and sardines)
-green tea
-fresh green vegetables (lettuce, spinach, broccoli, cucumbers, kale, green beans, collard greens)
-fresh deep red & purple foods (grapes, eggplant, beets, pomegranates, raspberries)
-calcium-fortified soy or other non-dairy milk

*substitute omega 3-rich nuts such as walnuts and almonds for the fish if you're vegetarian. Soy or tofu are also good substitutions.

TIP: Drinking more water also helps promote radiant skin!

You can easily purify your skin and improve your overall health by simply making more conscious food choices. Not to mention, you will save hundreds of dollars every year by not purchasing ineffective acne products. If you desire to apply a topical solution to your acne, try 100% pure tea tree essential oil or a natural tea tree acne formula. You can find them on I have purchased some and will post a review of the product once I have tested it.

All the best!
April Marie

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